Um…WHAT is a Stylish Apple?

Circle, “straight-waisted”, top-heavy, or oval – these are all words describing a common but challenging-to-dress torso shape.  Henceforth, the apple: I’ll stick with the fruit metaphor, since I’m a little bit of a fruitcake… and besides, who doesn’t like apples?

If you’re here, it’s probably because you’re wondering how to dress an apple shape. 🙂

apple shaped body type
In this fruitastic police lineup, Ms. Apple is GUILTY as charged!

All fruitcakerey aside, an apple-shaped body can be very challenging to dress, and to dress well.

An apple is an apple is an apple. It doesn’t matter what size you are; you are always the same shape. Narrow hips, broad shoulders, full midsection with very little difference between hip and waist measurements, and flat behind.

Stereotypes of women’s bodies reflect a different reality than the apple: willowy waists, voluptuous hips.

Fashion follows these stereotypes, and mass-produced clothes follow a single shape, instead of real women’s figures. Because of this, most apples will agree: shopping isn’t easy.

Pants that fit everywhere else are too tight around the waist.  Shirts aren’t long enough. Things that looked AMAZING on the model fail to flatter, to our great frustration.

Most importantly, we can go from looking outstanding to frumpy with only minor tweaks to our outfit. We are no strangers to returning items.

Why you need this blog

The fashion industry is catching up to the fact that neither one side fits all, nor one cut flatters all!

On this blog, I feature businesses that allow you to shop by body shape, as well as many fashion tips, thoughts, outfit reviews, and specific clothing recommendations in my arsenal.

I’ve been an apple my whole life, and a well-dressed one for most of it. 🙂 Read more about me here.

We apples can look just as sexy and delicious as anyone else.  With the right clothes, the right strategy, and an eye for geometry, and personalized analysis of our specific body’s assets, we can look as stylish as a classical hourglass.

Unlike many style and body shape resources, this website is dedicated exclusively to the Apple Sisterhood. Enjoy!

Vintage Apple Shaped Woman
Vintage Whimsical Apple, and proof that we have existed since the dawn of fashion!