10 Spring Outfit Essentials for Apple Shapes

apple blossom photoThe birds are chirping, the blooms are opening, the air is intoxicating, and everywhere you see beautiful colors.

Spring is my favorite time of year. And with all the new energy in the air, it’s the perfect chance for us to switch out  our drab winter layers into something bright, fun, and sunshine-friendly.

In this post we will look at ten Spring outfit essentials for apple shape figures. Let’s do this!

1. Poncho

poncho 1It’s still a little chilly at night, but we apples don’t need an excuse to layer. Ponchos are perfect for spring!

I put together the delightful-to-say Poncho Pinterest, since I love these suckers. They look SO GOOD on apple shapes, because of the loose and flowing, unrestrictive nature of the shirt.

Here’s another one that I find just adorable, lightweight but feminine, and perfect for spring.

2. Espadrilles or Wedges

Now that we’re not walking over glaciers in subzero flurries… let’s flaunt that pedicure, and balance out our lower half while we’re at it.

Apple shaped women need to wear shoes that draw attention to the feet and provide width (no skinny heels for us!).

This will provide overall balanced silhouette, and as an added bonus, we get to wear the more comfortable heel styles! No tottering in pain for us!

3. Big Sunglasses

Give those grubby, scratched sunglasses floating in the crumbs at the bottom of your purse a break. Thank them for their service and send them off to sunglass heaven.

New sunglasses are an instant way to feel glamorous.

Don’t knock the Jackie O’ look until you’ve tried it and see how awesome you look in them.

At least have one pair for hangovers!

Important tip: NEVER spent more than $20 on a pair of sunglasses. Ideally, no more than $10. Why?

  • They break
  • The cheaper ones are just as pretty and functional
  • You can have multiple pairs if you aren’t spending $300 each
  • Most people will just think the brand name is a knock off, anyway.

4. Pretty new A-line dress

Do it. Wear flowers, patterns, prints, and prettiness. Show off.

The thing I love most about spring is how we all align ourselves with the spirit of the season.

In public, you see everyone come out of their winter caves, wearing all the gorgeous colors and flower patterns. It’s impossible to be sad in the spring!

5. New Underwear

new underwearThe phrase “spring cleaning” applies to our closets too – it’s a great time to replace stuff.

An obvious place to start is what we wear every day: our oh-so-lovely undergarments. Throw out those worn-out panties with holes or pilled fabric and get some new ones.

For apple shapes, panties with stretch in the material and a medium-rise waist are the most comfortable; high waisted briefs can give us wedgies (sorry!) and the fabric gathers on our flat tushies.

Also, waistbands on high-waisted briefs can cut into us, not fun! Click the picture to read more about my recommendation for everyday underwear.

6. New Strapless Bra

Chances are if you have one of these, it’s seen better days. Use this chance to pick up a new one or two (nude and black)…and ride the optimism that you’ll have occasion to wear it this spring.

strapless braYes. Let’s all pinkyswear now to show off our shoulders and get spaghetti strap-ready. Pinkyswear is sacred, afterall!

The strapless bra also travels well into summer.

7. New Shapewear

If you’re a good Stylish Apple, you’ve been wearing your shapewear. And Spring is a GREAT time to replace the old stuff, or simply add more to the arsenal.

There’s casual shapewear, and there’s dressy shapewear. I recommend having at least one of each.

vintage underwear ladiesFor casual shapewear, and by that I mean shapewear that isn’t too constrictive and can be worn under casual and office clothes alike, I’m a fan of the Maidenform product line. (Pssst – you can read more about my experience with one product here.)

For dressy shapewear, SPANX is the industry leader for a reason: it sucks you in for real. Missi sizes, go here to see their sale items, and plus sizes, check out their collection here

corset sceneNOTE: every woman of every size and shape wears and benefits from shapewear. I recommend it for apple shapes not to “eliminate the apple”, because that’s silly and unrealistic, but rather, to provide extra smoothing.

Ye days of old corset torture is NOT my recommendation. I also don’t support waist training endeavors, inasmuch as they might be attractive to us apple shapes. I’m sorry, but breathing is important, and our internal organs aren’t too happy with extreme smoosh that comes with steel-boned corsets.

8. New swimsuit

plus tankiniThe pool may still be closed, but not for long. Get on this before you forget, so you can run off to enjoy the sun in a moment’s notice.

If you have more questions about what swimsuits to wear as an apple shaped woman, check out my blog post on exactly that theme!

9. A different handbag

We apple shapes need bold, eye-catching accessories. There’s nothing quite like a handbag bag to fit the bill.

Get something totally different from your go-to bag – maybe something oversized that fits your laptop, a sweater, and a snack.

Or a cute little clutch. Use this opportunity to get out of your comfort zone.

We all have to carry a purse, but no one said it had to be a chore.

10. Fun hat

floppy brown hatPeople used to wear hats all the time. It’s the first thing you notice, if someone happens to be wearing one. In my view, hats are underworn, and they are super charming. They quite literally complete an outfit.

beach aht


Go get a cute, floppy hat that you can wear with all kinds of outfits and wear out in the sun.

For apples, hats are another tool to drive the outfit conversation away from the center and back toward our face and neck, where we want all the attention. If you’re not a hat person, give it a shot and be open to being surprised. Hats are awesome.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of 10 ways to top off your spring wardrobe and make it awesome! As always, I look forward to your feedback, ideas, and questions, so keep those comments coming 🙂



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  1. These are great recommendations, for a guy with very minimal knowledge and not fashion savvy at all, it is a good read. May I ask you though, how about woman with apply shaped body but not very tall at all, meaning – short. Do these tips applied for them? I imagine short people in a long dress will look extra short…right?

    What do you think?


    1. Unfortunately I’m no expert on height differences, but short women can definitely wear long dresses. The easiest way for a shorter person to look taller is heels; the easiest way for a taller person to look shorter is flats.

  2. Great recommendations here! I personally do think i look better in wedges and i did not realise its because of my apple shape. Also it has never crossed my mind to wear shapewear as i think they are a pain to wear but reading your review i might just get one to try! Thanks!

    1. Hi Wendy- thanks for the comment. glad to hear that the article helped you connect the dots! You can always experiment with shapewear, with and without, and see what works better for you!

  3. Oooh I love this post! I am apple shaped and I love what you’ve put together here. I enjoy wearing ponchos always, they’re such a versatile garment that flatters the apple-shaped figure. I like the bathing suit you’ve got in the post, very flattering.
    I’ll be following you to keep up to date with your posts. Awesome reading!

  4. You have such a cool site and I love this post. My favorite is the Jackie- O sunglasses and I as I was reading I looked over at my vanity and chuckled to myself at the Jackie- O- esque sunglasses that are primed and prepped for when I step out into the sun. These are such fab selections thanks so much for sharing!

  5. Thank you for the very helpful list. Everything looks awesome. Shopping for the summer stuff is fun. The colors and styles make you feel happy again (after a long winter). Thank you sharing those cool options.

  6. Penelope, loved this post! It really hits the heart for “apple shaped” ladies. Great ideas and common sense, and uplifting ideas for fashion. Really enjoy your style of writing as well. Fun, and engaging. And accessorizing is so important. Thanks for including that. I work in fashion and am always frustrated with the lack of garments that actually fit “real women”, with “real figures”. There is still too much “perfection” and “proportion” out on the sales floor.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Lainey. Glad that you enjoyed this post, and I definitely appreciate your perspective coming from the fantasy-land of the fashion industry!!

  7. I adore your recommendations, how clever you are at putting together outfits! You would make a wonderful personal shopper! thank you for sharing your latest insights I look forward to more from you as the spring wears on into summer (no pun intended) ha ha ha ha Thanks.

  8. Hi Penelope, Thank you so much for such a great article with great recommendations. Ala the recommended products looks amazing, and worth a try. Your website and articles are really good and very very helpful for apple shaped woman with little sense of fashion.

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