Adam’s Apples

Divine wore it loud and wore it proud!

Many crossdressers as well as male-to-female transgendered women are members of the Apple Sisterhood.  It’s just science: genetically male bodies often have narrow hips, broad shoulders, and a larger midsection.

In fact, for some (but not all) lady apples, their lovely apple shape can be attributed to hormonal causes, specifically, an excess of androgen, a male hormone. Net result? We apples of all sexes share the same challenges. We have a chance to come together and help each other look even more fabulous.

I just wanted to send a quick shout out acknowledging this fact, for anyone who may have ended up here who meets this description, or who might know a fellow stylin’ Adam’s Apple. Good news, everyone! The style tips for apple-shaped bodies on this site apply equally well to apple-shaped transgendered women and our crossdresser friends.

I encourage all stylish and style-curious people to reach out with comments, ideas, and tips! Thanks for reading,


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