Aidy Bryant – Stylish Apple Comedienne

Ever since writing about celebrity apple shapes, I’ve been noticing more in the public eye. Notably, Aidy Bryant is in the national spotlight every week, making us all laugh on Saturday Night Live. She’s also an adorable Voluptuous Apple.

Her outfits are usually super apple-appropriate, and the one in the picture caught my attention.

This dress is totally apple-friendly out of the box.  The pattern is uniform, the sheer top draws attention to the upper body, the length falls over the knees, and the loose empire waist is followed by a slightly flared skirt. Aidy’s stylist earned her kibble with this one!

There’s another great apple-shaped fashion blogger who has reviewed this dress. Check it out – esp to see how it looks on a normal-looking person at home, instead of a celebrity on the red carpet!

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