Apple Bottoms Up!

This is a quick, general run-down of dos and don’ts for the apple bottom half. It’s useful if you’re out shopping, or browsing endless pages of stuff online.

I go into more detail about specific types of pants in other blog posts. Please follow-up with any questions or ideas! And if you’re really stuck, check out my Pinterest for more great ideas!

Wear these kinds of pants or shorts:

  • Available in regular &  plus sizes in many colors – click picture for link

    Pants with back pockets will accentuate and give volume to your tushy = good.

  • Boot cut, trouser cut, bell-bottom, or wide-legged pants
  • Straight-legged and skinny jeans
  • Any bottom with a medium rise
  • If your legs aren’t too skinny, you can wear leggings. If they are, unfortunately leggings may do a disservice and over-emphasize the belly
  • Bermuda shorts
  • Bottoms with elastic waistbands can be more forgiving

Avoid these kinds of pants or shorts:

Doesn’t matter how cute they are – no pleats!
  • Anything really busy in the front, with lots of zippers, sequens, or decorations. This will draw attention to your middle
  • Low-rise waistlines that accentuate and gather stomach fat.
  • This is not an apple.

    No tight or pinching waistlines: this means no high rise pants.

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  1. Good advice! I desperately need a nice new pair of jeans as I popped a hole in the knees of yet another pair (having little ones, I’m kneeling a lot). I was seriously considering ordering a high rise pair – thought it’d conceal my muffin top better, but after reading this, I think you’re right that it would just pinch terribly and I wouldn’t like it in the end. I’m sooo done with low rise by now though. Mid-rise it is! What’s your go-to decently priced (>$125 ish) jeans for apple-shapes?

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