An Apple On a Mission

A camouflaged apple

Hi Everyone!
I’m Penelope, and I love fashion.

I created this blog because I’m apple shaped, and have been my entire life.

I’m not just apple shaped, I’m VERY apple shaped. Right now I’m a size 18. My hip-to-waist ratio is .84, far above the .70 hip-to-waist ratio recommended by physicians. Oddly, during times when I’m averaged sized, my hip to waist ratio is even higher, around .90 in fact.

So, what does this mean? It means people routinely ask whether it is a boy or a girl, or whether this is our first baby. Children point at my belly and laugh. I get confused or judgmental looks when ordering that second martini. Sound familiar?

Any lifelong apple, whether you’re a size 6 or a size 26, can probably relate to this: I have fielded questions about nonexistent pregnancies since hitting puberty the age of 12. This, and perhaps this alone, is the best test of whether you are in Club Apple.

Before I started this blog, I did my homework. I saw a number of decent resources out there for all body shapes. But what I didn’t see was a CURRENT, UPDATED blog only for apple shaped women, targeting women of all sizes and ages. Sure, there are some great resources out there for women over a certain age, or women over a certain size, but what I never saw was a community for all of us.

I want to erase the one-size-fits-all fallacy from the face of the earth. Because it doesn’t. And average women like me and fashion pioneers alike are finally starting to shake off that old dogma and demand more from our clothes makers.

And my goal here is simple: I want to help apple shaped women make more informed fashion choices, and get their cute bodies into clothes that flatter their figures.

Every time I hear from a reader about how helpful or insightful they found one of my tips, it literally makes my day.  So PLEASE comment on my blog, or reach out to me at with any questions, tips, or ideas!

I look forward to hearing from all of you.

Happy outfit hunting!