Best Dress for Plus-Sized Apple Shaped Women – Igigi Alex Dress Review

Dear Plus-Sized Apples:

This is my favorite dress. This is the dress that every full-figured apple should have hanging standby in her closet as the go-to for last minute dates, nights out, or parties. Why? It has most of the qualities we’re looking for in one dress: in short, it flatters the apple body shape.

Perfect Dress FOR Plus-Sized APPLE BODY: Alex Dress in Geo Modern SwirL, by IGIGI

  • The dress is just over knee length: great! This elongates the torso.
  • This dress is printed in a single, consistent pattern, which catches the eye without pulling it toward the midsection.  This pattern distracts viewers from any bumps, rolls, or cellulite.
  • The dress is LINED, which smooths the silhouette.
  • The waist falls gently, not tightly, just below the bust, and swings out into a skirt.  This helps create the illusion of a smaller waist.
  • The neckline is a plunging V, and draws attention up to the bust and face.
  • Black and white patterns are dramatic yet versatile, can function either be business casual or night-out.
  • As black and white, this dress is a blank slate for your preferred color palate, and goes great with more dramatic accessories, shoes, and bag. Try red heels!

Available in sizes 1x-5x, just under $70 on

I’ve got apple cred.

IGIGI is an awesome plus-sized dress designer, and they always run good promotions. Check out their latest collection!

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  1. This is a great dress and you looked lovely in it. I’m not apple shaped myself, but my mum is and she has a couple of these similar dresses. If I was recommending dresses for apple shaped women, I would definitely chose something similar. The emphasis on the bust and drawing attention away from the middle goes a long way.

    1. Thank you very much for the feedback! I’m glad these ideas can inspire people (saints!) with ideas to shop for their apple loved ones 🙂

  2. Such a lovely dress. I liked how you explained the features in great detail. My sister is plus sized and she often gets confused while getting outfits. This site will be a rescue for her.

    1. Hi Demi, thank you for the comment, and for passing the site along to your sister 🙂 She’s always welcome to reach out with questions or ideas about outfits. We plus-sized ladies have gotta stick together and fight for fabulous!

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