Best Shirt for Apple Shaped Women

Dear Fellow Apples:

This site will contain specific recommendations, from time to time. These recommendations will be based on my experiences, and they will be delivered WITH enthusiasm. Product reviews, however, will be unbiased, even possibly brutal.  This here is a recommendation, yessiree.

The Perfect Shirt for Apple Shaped Women

We’ve all heard of the little black dress. What we apples need on hand is the little black tunic. And by little, I don’t mean skimpy. I mean “able to be layered“.

The A-line black tunic is a must-have item for ALL APPLE FIGURES. You can wear it under blazers, vests, or sweaters. You can wear it alone with jeans or leggings or yoga pants. You can wear it with long skirts. You must have an A-line black tunic if you are an apple-shaped women.  If you are a plus-sized apple, this is absolutely non-negotiable.

So, how to find the perfect one? This is it. It’s $16. I own eight of them. The fabric is soft but not too thin or clingy, and because I use them in layering most of the time, it’s ok. Because I have broad shoulders, it has a slimming effect without much structure on the upper body.

Hint… live a little, and get it in multiple colors!

The Perfect Black Shirt

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  1. Hi Penelope,
    I really like this tunic and it does look very comfortable. I already own a few and they do go well with most anything. I agree that black is a flattering color for every shape but a skimpy black dress isn’t lol! Do you know what material these tunics are made with?

    1. Hi Cathy,

      I agree, many of us should avoid the skimpy black dress! 🙂

      This tunic is a modal rayon/spandex blend, but just 5% spandex for stretch. Modal is super soft, and something you often find in sheets. It’s definitely thicker than most jersey fabric.

      hope that helps, thanks for the comment!


  2. I’m a plus size Apple with a pronounced drooping belly and small breasts. I always thought the drapes on this kind of shirt would accentuate the big belly?

    1. Hi Dina, thanks for the question! The drapes will help conceal or minimize the belly, because they are asymmetrical and confuse the visual line of where your belly stops. And it’s actually long enough to completely cover a big belly (which is one of my main problems when shopping for shirts).
      One thing I like most about this shirt is that you can layer it, so you can pair it with jackets and blazer that draw attention up to the neckline and face, too.

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