Calling All Apple-istas – Shopping Tip!

Why You Should Always Use Ebates

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Everyone’s seen the commercials for Blissful people show off the “big fat checks” they got just for doing nothing other than shopping online.

Sound too good to be true? Is Ebates a scam? Amazingly: no. They also give you $10 just for signing up.

Ebates: Easy Peasy

Using Ebates is easy. Create a free account on Ebates, login and you’re off! Do whatever shopping you would normally do.

  1. Browse the huge list of Ebates stores
  2. Pick the stores you normally shop, and then click the link Ebates provides to those stores.
  3. Then, stay in that screen on your browser and shop normally.

Once you buy your dress from Lane Byrant or that cute purse from Etsy or some rockin’ shoes from Amazon and some new lipstick from Sephora (just to give you an idea of a fraction of the big-name places you can use it) Ebates will know you made that purchase, and you’ll get a kickback. The cash back can show up in your account right away, or a couple days after the purchase.

How much do they pay?

They pay well. Rebate percentages are usually between 1%-25%. How do they do this?

Ebates is essentially a massive affiliate marketer that splits the commissions IT receives from the vendors with you, the member. They can use their size to leverage these rebates (which happen ON TOP OF customer coupons, I might add)…and it’s a win-win situation.

Comparison Shopping Using Ebates

If you’re buying a high ticket item, like a wedding dress or some $900 shoes or some gorgeous handbag, Ebates will bump up your comparison shopping on a whole new level. You can compare available rebates, in addition to shopping for the lowest price.

Sometimes it will make more financial sense to buy something from one vendor when the item is listed at a higher price if it also has a higher percentage rebate offered by Ebates.

Example: You want to buy a Prada purse.

Saks 5th Avenue has it for $3000, and Ebay has the same one for $2900.

But today, let’s say that Saks 5th Avenue is offering 10% cash back on Ebates, and Ebay is offering just 2%. So your net price for the purse at Saks would be $2700 (because 10% of $3,000 is $200), and the price at Ebay would be $2842 (because 2% of $2900 is $58).

So even though the Purse is LISTED as cheaper at Ebay, when you’re using Ebates you get a much better final deal on the Prada purse at Saks 5th Avenue.

Starting to see how this will add up yet?

My Experience With Using Ebates

I’ve used Ebates for two years, sadly only when I remember it (but I just downloaded their browser plugin so now I’ll always use it). Even when used just sometimes, I’ve gotten back $788.85.

They can pay over paypal, so alas, no blissful pics of me gripping a big fat check 🙂 Luckily, paypal is more convenient for me than checks, no matter how big and fat they are.

$788.85 isn’t a bad return on stuff I was already buying.

That includes $40 back for a new clothes dryer, $70 back from airline tickets, and tons of smaller rebates for my purchases elsewhere.

You get money back using Ebates pretty much anywhere you normally shop for pretty much anything you normally buy.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Get Your Girlfriends on Board and get $25!

Ebates has a great referral program. You normally get $5 per referral, but they often have giving you more.  Right now, you get a whopping $25 per referral until the end of March. From time to time, they offer these extra bonuses to drum up more referrals. Some bloggers can make $45,000 a year from ebates referrals alone. Amazing huh?

Imagine you sign up for Ebates now, and share your referral link on Facebook or Twitter or your blog.  Anyone who clicks your link and sets up their own account becomes a new passive source of income for you. Passive income means more money for dresses, shoes, jeans, and other apple shaped wardrobe additions.

This was a public service announcement for all apples and non-apple shoppers everywhere. Penelope will now return to her regularly scheduled programming of awesome. 🙂

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  1. Thanks for the great post it was very informative and interesting.I really enjoyed reading this and learning about how you earn extra money

    I have clicked on your link and signed up as it sounded so good.

    I am looking forward to earning my cashback once I start shopping

    Thanks again marie.

    1. Awesome, I’m so glad this was helpful! You’ll see your savings add up over time (and snowball if you refer your friends and family).

    2. Also, Marie – if you shop a lot online make sure and install their toolbar, because it will help remind you to use it. My own cashback would be so much more if I’d remembered to do that when I joined, eek! Better late than never though!
      They have options for both Firefox and Chrome.

  2. Sweet! I have never used Ebates but I never thought that it was a scam. But nice to meet someone who has tried it before and really cashed in!

    The best thing for me to do now is try it and see for myself. Thanks for the reccommedation! I shop at many of the stores they work with.

    1. Awesome, glad to help! Definitely sign up and try it out. The browser button is a good idea to help get you in the habit of going through Ebates on your way to your usual shops. And don’t forget to take advantage of their referral program!

  3. I like how you gave good information and kept it relatively short. Most people just spam other people with information and it turns off the user. I like the layout of your site. Your “apple” theme relating the different subjects is very catchy. Some of the images on the pages appear low res, so just check on that.

  4. This is great! I did not know about EBATES. and its nice to have the information from someone who had experience with it. I shop a lot online so this seems like a good opportunity to earn a little back. Again thanks for sharing this informative and very interesting post.

  5. I found myself using ebates for about a month but I couldn’t really derive much use out of it. I find that I am more of an impulse shopper than a “planned” one, so, an app/website like Ebates doesn’t work as well for me. I’m sure if I took the time to make it work, it would work wonders. Lol

    1. The issue is whether you shop online or not. You can still be an impulse shopper and benefit greatly from Ebates – but if you shop impulsively and in person, it’s true that you woudln’t be getting these extra savings. thanks for the comment!

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