Swimwear and Swimsuits for Apple Shapes

Swimsuits! Bikinis! Tankinis! EEKINIS!

Where to start? Well, if you’re an apple-shaped woman of the apple-teenie variety, good news: you can wear whatever you want.

Check out Kate Upton, apple-teenie in a bikini: Read More

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T is for Tunic, and Totally Awesome!

Tunics: God’s Gift to Apple Shaped Women

I’ve said it in my general principles for tops, I’ve said it when discussing dresses, and I’ve even shared my favorite go-to solid tunic with you in the past: Tunics are totally awesome.

With very few exceptions, they are among the best and most flattering tops that apple shaped women can wear.

And if you do nothing but wear more tunics after reading these fashion tips for apple-shaped women, I will consider that a victory. 🙂

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Boho, Boho: it’s off to work I go, LOOKING FABULOUS

Boho: Best Dresses for Apple Shaped Women

What is “Boho”?

Boho is short for “Bohemian chic”, a fashion style drawing inspiration from the Pre-Raphaelite movement, the Hippie movement, and actual Bohemian gypsies.

It peaked in modern times in the mid-2000s. Celebrities like Sienna Miller, the Olsen Twins, and Lindsey Lohan were the poster children of the Boho chic look. Read More

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Sweater Weather

Apples, I’d like to introduce you to your new friends.

Shawls, ponchos, shrugs, vests, pullovers, dusters, cardigans, and long cardigans, meet the Apples.

You all are going to get along very well. You might even be BFFs for life.

In this article, you’ll learn sweaters are SO MUCH MORE than cute cold weather outfits.

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Wedding Dresses for Apple Shapes

Apple shaped brides can find themselves in a tizzy when shopping for a dress. I know, I know, tizzys and brides go hand in hand, but for apples, weddings present a special sort of anguish.

See, for many apples, it’s the first time we thought about how on earth to make these beautiful dresses look beautiful on us. Especially for those of us who spend most of our time in what we find the most comfortable – oversized clothes, scrubs or sweatpants – being the princess on our big day can be intimidating, even frightening.

Luckily, the same principles that apply to best dresses for apple shaped women apply to wedding dresses. 

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Wrap & Faux-Wrap Dresses, Unwrapped

Why is the wrap dress so darn flattering?

It adds shape and minimizes problem areas with the simple swish of a skirt.

Wrap dresses work for women of all shapes and sizes.

Women wrap dresses around themselves like battle armor. Spanning all sizes and all shapes, on every continent, in every town and city: in wrap dresses women conquer the world. Read More

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Dresses for Successes

Dresses that flatter big bellies

This list is quick guide for you to use when you’re out shopping, or shopping online, and wondering “hmmm..what were those dos and don’ts again??” If it’s on this list, there’s a good chance that it will look good on your apple shaped figure.
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Apple Bottoms Up!

This is a quick, general run-down of dos and don’ts for the apple bottom half. It’s useful if you’re out shopping, or browsing endless pages of stuff online.

I go into more detail about specific types of pants in other blog posts. Please follow-up with any questions or ideas! And if you’re really stuck, check out my Pinterest for more great ideas!

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