Free Personal Stylist – Birdsnest Makes Shopping Easy For Apples

Could it be love?

I am kind of in love with this retailer.  It’s new love, full-on infatuation, but it will deepen over time. I can feel it. This is the one. Why?

  1. You can sort their entire inventory by body shape.
  2. This inventory includes pre-assembled outfits sorted by body shape.
  3. Most items are available in all sizes, not exclusively regular or exclusively plus-sized.

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“Does my body look good?”

This is a simple question. People ask it all the time.

It’s a question we ask ourselves over and over our whole lives.  We ask this regardless of our size, shape, height, and we ask regardless of how confident we truly are. It’s the question behind the question when we ask if an outfit looks good. Read More