Core Principles

How to dress an apple shaped figure:

A well-dressed apple:

  • Draws attention away from her midsection:
    • With dramatic jewelry, scarves, makeup, and pocketbooks
    • With well-fitting bras.
    • With sleeves with designs or wrist cuffs, to detract from the midsection
    • With substantial shoes (like clogs, platforms, or mules) that add balance to the lower body
  • Regularly wears Spanx and Shapewear
  • Uses draping, layers, and diagonals to create new visual lines
  • Never wears clingy fabric.
  • Can wear dresses all of the time, because she looks fantastic in all of these:
    • Boho
    • Wrap
    • Tunic
    • Kimono-style
    • Swing
    • A-line

I’ve blogged in more detail about bottoms, jeans, dresses, and shirts for apple shaped women of all sizes.

Please enjoy, share thoughts and comments, and always aspire to new fashion heights!