“Does my body look good?”

This is a simple question. People ask it all the time.

It’s a question we ask ourselves over and over our whole lives.  We ask this regardless of our size, shape, height, and we ask regardless of how confident we truly are. It’s the question behind the question when we ask if an outfit looks good.

We are always comparing ourselves to others, and we’re trying to see ourselves from the outside. Pictures and mirrors help, but we all know just how different we can look from any angle, and we gravitate to the most flattering ones. Unless you’ve had a near death experience, there’s no really seeing yourself from an outside perspective. We will never really know.

OK, ok, so what about me?

As apples, “Does my body look good” can be uniquely challenging, as we are told over and over again that our bodies are wrong.  Science tells us that hip-to-waist ratio is the biggest indicator of attractiveness. Medicine says that people with the most abdominal fat, even the skinny mini apples, are more vulnerable to disease.

Apple shaped celebrities are few and far between.


We all know that being an apple involves some stigma that every medical and fashion professional will prey upon; after all, the internet is nothing without belly fat remedies and fast weight loss gimmicks.


Right or wrong, healthy or unhealthy, bad or good…this is a loaded question for us apples. This website will not validate or endorse weight-loss strategies, nights of a thousand sit-ups, or pursuing surgery in radical attempts to escape the apple sisterhood.  There’s too much of that sh** everywhere else; there will be none here.

Our best approach as apples is to take a deep breath, take it one outfit at a time, and to use science to make sure our outfits DO look good.

Knowledge is Power

What do we know? We have tools to dress ourselves in a way that makes us look better. There are strategies to highlight the assets and minimize the things we are self-conscious about.  We can look stunning at any size, even at our shape. And we know that if we feel good in our clothes, there’s a good chance that we also look pretty darn good, too.

This post is my attempt to unpack the motivation for creating this website a little. More content on specific strategies, specific recommendations, and new apple fashion thoughts is on the way!

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  1. A great article, and definitely an eye opener. I totally agree with you. It’s human nature to compare ourselves to others. However, it is best not to do that because you’ll be in a forever-ending war with the world and you’ll NEVER be happy with yourself. So I like how you mentioned that it’s best to try and be as comfortable as you can in your own body. Thanks so much.


    1. Thank you for the comment! Yeah, it’s so important for us to feel comfortable in our own skin. For some people it takes longer than others, but I truly believe wearing things that flatter you, as opposed to someone else, or some model, is a key part of the journey. take care!

  2. Thanks for that. We need to be happy in our own skin. All of us probably have jaundiced views about the way we look to others and our biggest critics are probably ourselves. As long as we do the best we can, we should have few disappointments about the way we are. A certain shaped body was our pre-destination through genetics. Kim Kardashian will never be the perfect shape as judged by Vogue magazine but she’s clearly happy (probably too happy!) with the way she looks.

    1. Thank you for the feedback. I agree, we are all our own worst critics. It helps to hear positive messages to combat the inner negativity! And I agree, how we are shaped seems largely a function of our genes. We’ve gotta make the most of it, and that’s largely what this fashion website is about 🙂

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