Everyday Apples

Average Apples Are Everywhere

image from Center Mass Media

I challenge you to go in public (anywhere – the mall, Walmart, post office) with the singular goal of apple spotting. Keep count. Have fun, pack a lunch and tell your friends it’s a research project! If you don’t come home with high double-digits, you live in the boondocks or you need to get your eyes checked!

How to identify an everyday apple

It’s easy.

Her waist and hips are about the same size around.

Shoulders are usually somewhat more broad than the hips.

Her tushie is flat.

She carries her weight in her torso.

She may have thin legs, thin arms.

She probably has a round or rounder face.

A few celebrity examples

First, Queen Latifah. This gown does wonders to draw our attention to the bust, shoulders, and to her radiant face. In all fairness, Queen Latifah has slightly more hips, tushie, and thighs than most apples, but from the hips on up, she is a classic everyday apple.

Next, Sigourney Weaver. She’s on the cusp between skinny and average, because the camera adds 10lbs. Sigourney has been rocking the apple body for decades, and her amazing fashion sense through the years has inspired many a pinterest.

And third, we have Ricki Lake.  A former member of the Voluptuous Apple club, she huffed and boogied and hiked her way down to Everyday Apple. She continues to look fantastic. I kind of wish she’d come out retirement and act again.

You might assume Rosie O’Donnell belongs on the Voluptuous page, but the average woman in the US is a size 14. I think we can all agree that her top looks great, though! Rosie is probably the most typical everyday apple on this page – very slim legs and arms, round face, flat tushie, and full belly. She’s a beautiful woman and a gifted artist.