Free Personal Stylist – Birdsnest Makes Shopping Easy For Apples

Could it be love?

I am kind of in love with this retailer.  It’s new love, full-on infatuation, but it will deepen over time. I can feel it. This is the one. Why?

  1. You can sort their entire inventory by body shape.
  2. This inventory includes pre-assembled outfits sorted by body shape.
  3. Most items are available in all sizes, not exclusively regular or exclusively plus-sized.

Take a breath. Take a moment. Consider the implications.

As Apples it’s not always easy to pair our clothes, because not everything we own is flattering, and it’s downright chaotic to sort out which pieces to varying degrees of unflattering to put together. And this whole frustrating process is on display when we’re out with our girlfriends clothes shopping.  Birdsnest does the heavy lifting.

Exhibit A:

What is this? This is a ready-made outfit for apple shapes. A tunic with decorated neckline. Skinny jeans with an elastic waist. Dramatic, sizeable shoes that draw the eye down and add balance. Cute earrings to draw eyes up to the face. YES PLEASE.

Exhibit B:

  • Boat neck dress with layered top and asymmetrical hem to distract from belly
  • Jacket with cute sleeves and v-plunge to draw the eye to the upper body
  • Classic heels and accessories.

Apples gonna give this “Working Girl” a whirl, for sure!

Exhibit C:

This is a bell-sleeve top, which is more or less the kimono’s Western cousin. The large sleeves are great for apples and detract from the middle. For thin apple legs, bermuda shorts are a definite. And we have a rockin hat and sandals to complete the summer look. (I personally would go for more sizeable shoes or even sneakers, but these are cute too, esp if you’re gonna be near sand.)

Exhibit D:

Now this is where it gets fun, with apple shaped core principles on full display.

This is a boho dress on steroids.

The cut is a gentle A-line with bell sleeves and uniform embellishment. The white line down the middle of the dress is fine because of the continuity at the chest and all the way down the skirt.

And it’s also a GREAT example of how much leeway you have with colorful accessories when you have a black/white or neutral/white color base. The boots are darling, and a new look entirely: crayon-eating coyboyDidn’t I tell you this was possible??

Definitely check out Birdsnest. If you’re like the most people and not in Australia, you’ll have to splurge on international shipping…but inspiration is free.  And there’s sooo much inspiration available. Take a look, see what you like, and try to replicate those looks with pieces from your own wardrobe.

One thing’s clear: this meticulous and thoughtful level of organization maximizes the user experience and should be the industry standard for online retailers.

Thinking more about it, it’s no less than infuriating that we still live in a culture that largely insists on a one-size-fits-all approach to clothing. No, it doesn’t. And if it FITS, it still may not flatter. I truly hope the brave pioneers at Birdsnest reach and help apples and other shapes that defy the standard sizing approach.

As always, your questions and comments and ideas are welcome, whether it’s about these or other outfits, or the process of assembling outfits, or just how awesome you also think it is that you can sort someone’s entire inventory by body shape! So feel free to share!


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  1. I checked out the website and really liked the concept. It can be so frustrating to rummage through the shops looking for anything that will fit on my body shape and I have never bought anything successfully online for years simply because I always fall in love with a cut of fabric that simply will never fit me. Now I can choose only to browse the staff that will look good on me! I wonder if they also sell workout clothes?

    1. I’m glad you like concept, too! I’m just surprised more retailers haven’t gone in this direction…Birdnest clearly cares about the customer experience, and they’re ahead of the times.

      When browsing their site you even have the choice of viewing all plus sized or medium sized or smaller models, or having them in a mixed display. It’s so important to see different body types and sizes represented in fashion.

      They DO sell workout clothes. Happy shopping!

  2. Nice concept in clothing. And an area of retail that needs to be catered too. As a skinny person I have trouble finding clothes that fit me right as well. I have never heard of the term “apple” as a body type. Its good to see an under served being looked at so well.

    1. Thank you for the comment! I completely agree that this is the direction retail should take. From the beginning of time up through about 120 years ago, we all had our clothes custom tailored to our individual body. Cheap readily available clothing is nice, but I think most of us, skinny or fat or tall or even just average – would trade in our entire closets for five or six perfectly fitting, flattering outfits.

  3. My wife would like some of this stuff I saw in this article. But I have one question. Can you be sure that even if you pick a size it will fit? A lot of different clothing will say a size on it but may be made kind of small or big. I know even for me some brands are different in size although they have the same size tag. If so this site I must tell my wife about.

    1. Hi, thanks for the great question! It’s DEFINITELY true that a size 6 in one brand fits totally differently than a size 6 in another. The best suggestion I have to look at a few of her clothes tags, and see what the most common size is. Go with that number. A lot of retailers (and reviews of the product on the sale page) will say something like “runs big” or “fits as expected”. That can guide you. Worst case scenario, she can always exchange it for the right size.
      The clothes on this site are recommended for women who have a specific shape, but we ALSO have to figuring out what how each brand fits.
      Men’s clothing is so much smarter – all numbers!

  4. My girlfriend will look beautiful if she were to try out the set of clothes in Exhibit D. I may consider buying this as a gift for her upcoming birthday. Hope she likes it.

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