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Belts for Apple Shaped Figures

Belts. Should you or shouldn’t you? And if so, HOW? Belts are a common feature for casual and dressy outfits alike, but for apple shaped women, there are some additional considerations.

Here, we’ll plunge into when and how to wear a belt, and when it skip it. Read More

Ultimate Guide to Lingerie for Apple Shapes

cheesecakeWe are never so exposed as when we’re in lingerie. Well, except for when we’re in a swimsuit!

Luckily, many of the same principles we apple shapes can use to find a good swimsuit can ALSO help us find good lingerie. Use this guide to find lingerie that flatters your apple shaped figure.

There are soooo many different types of lingerie – it can be a bit dizzying to know where to start. Plus, there are so many accessories that go with lingerie – garters, garter belts, every type of stocking and thigh-high, gloves, fingerless gloves, hats…it can be totally overwhelming.

Good news for apple shapes:  run-of-the-mill, mainstream, readily available styles of lingerie are indeed among the most flattering for us! These include the halter teddy, slip teddy, and baby-doll teddy.

Let’s look at some examples, shall we?  Don’t worry, I won’t include any lingerie examples that include nudity or pornography – it’s all workplace safe.

As always, if you like any of my suggestions, click the image to learn more. I didn’t pull in zillion dollar examples, most of these pieces are in the $10-$20 range.

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Plus Size Linen Tunics – Your Guide

We’ve discussed tunics before, and today we’ll dig even further.

Plus sizes apple shapes look terrific in tunics, and linen tunics are no exception.

Linen is a light, breathable material that jives with casual or dressy clothes. Since we’re nearing the warm weather, I’m gonna focus on some of the best plus size linen tunics available.

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10 Spring Outfit Essentials for Apple Shapes

apple blossom photoThe birds are chirping, the blooms are opening, the air is intoxicating, and everywhere you see beautiful colors.

Spring is my favorite time of year. And with all the new energy in the air, it’s the perfect chance for us to switch out  our drab winter layers into something bright, fun, and sunshine-friendly.

In this post we will look at ten Spring outfit essentials for apple shape figures. Let’s do this! Read More

How to Dress A Plus Sized Apple Shape

Calling all my voluptuous apples!

This is your ultimate guide to plus-sized fashion, and a reference guide for future shopping and outfit creation. Let’s get to work!

If you’re plus-sized and apple shaped, you probably carry most of your weight in the midsection. You may have slim legs and arms, and a round face, and a full or slim bust. The midsection is key!

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Swimwear and Swimsuits for Apple Shapes

Swimsuits! Bikinis! Tankinis! EEKINIS!

Where to start? Well, if you’re an apple-shaped woman of the apple-teenie variety, good news: you can wear whatever you want.

Check out Kate Upton, apple-teenie in a bikini: Read More

T is for Tunic, and Totally Awesome!

Tunics: God’s Gift to Apple Shaped Women

I’ve said it in my general principles for tops, I’ve said it when discussing dresses, and I’ve even shared my favorite go-to solid tunic with you in the past: Tunics are totally awesome.

With very few exceptions, they are among the best and most flattering tops that apple shaped women can wear.

And if you do nothing but wear more tunics after reading these fashion tips for apple-shaped women, I will consider that a victory. 🙂

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Boho, Boho: it’s off to work I go, LOOKING FABULOUS

Boho: Best Dresses for Apple Shaped Women

What is “Boho”?

Boho is short for “Bohemian chic”, a fashion style drawing inspiration from the Pre-Raphaelite movement, the Hippie movement, and actual Bohemian gypsies.

It peaked in modern times in the mid-2000s. Celebrities like Sienna Miller, the Olsen Twins, and Lindsey Lohan were the poster children of the Boho chic look. Read More

Business Casual Apple on a Budget

Hello Again~

I did say that Stylish Apples is taking requests! For Amy, today we’re gonna explore a couple business casual looks for apple shaped women.

Difficulty level? We are going to take two expensive but classy apple-friendly outfits for the “business casual” look, and reinvent these same outfits on a budget. Sounds fun, right? Read More

Replicating Designer Looks on A Budget

Confession: I’m a budget shopper. And here’s something I LOVE doing:

  1. Dissect expensive and/or designer outfits that look good on apple shapes;
  2. Figure out budget-friendly alternatives that have the same effect.

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