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Sweater Weather

Apples, I’d like to introduce you to your new friends.

Shawls, ponchos, shrugs, vests, pullovers, dusters, cardigans, and long cardigans, meet the Apples.

You all are going to get along very well. You might even be BFFs for life.

In this article, you’ll learn sweaters are SO MUCH MORE than cute cold weather outfits.

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Wedding Dresses for Apple Shapes

Apple shaped brides can find themselves in a tizzy when shopping for a dress. I know, I know, tizzys and brides go hand in hand, but for apples, weddings present a special sort of anguish.

See, for many apples, it’s the first time we thought about how on earth to make these beautiful dresses look beautiful on us. Especially for those of us who spend most of our time in what we find the most comfortable – oversized clothes, scrubs or sweatpants – being the princess on our big day can be intimidating, even frightening.

Luckily, the same principles that apply to best dresses for apple shaped women apply to wedding dresses. 

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Calling All Apple-istas – Shopping Tip!

Why You Should Always Use Ebates

Ecstatic customer

Everyone’s seen the commercials for Blissful people show off the “big fat checks” they got just for doing nothing other than shopping online.

Sound too good to be true? Is Ebates a scam? Amazingly: no. They also give you $10 just for signing up. Read More

Aidy Bryant – Stylish Apple Comedienne

Ever since writing about celebrity apple shapes, I’ve been noticing more in the public eye. Notably, Aidy Bryant is in the national spotlight every week, making us all laugh on Saturday Night Live. She’s also an adorable Voluptuous Apple.

Her outfits are usually super apple-appropriate, and the one in the picture caught my attention. Read More

Free Personal Stylist – Birdsnest Makes Shopping Easy For Apples

Could it be love?

I am kind of in love with this retailer.  It’s new love, full-on infatuation, but it will deepen over time. I can feel it. This is the one. Why?

  1. You can sort their entire inventory by body shape.
  2. This inventory includes pre-assembled outfits sorted by body shape.
  3. Most items are available in all sizes, not exclusively regular or exclusively plus-sized.

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Wrap & Faux-Wrap Dresses, Unwrapped

Why is the wrap dress so darn flattering?

It adds shape and minimizes problem areas with the simple swish of a skirt.

Wrap dresses work for women of all shapes and sizes.

Women wrap dresses around themselves like battle armor. Spanning all sizes and all shapes, on every continent, in every town and city: in wrap dresses women conquer the world. Read More

Maidenform Flexees Women’s Shapewear Minimizing Hi-Waist Boyshort Review: Good for Apple Shapes

Product:  Maidenform Flexees Women’s Shapewear Minimizing Hi-Waist Boyshort
Price: $13.79 on
Available Sizes: Small-XX Large
My Rating: 9/10


I needed nude-colored shapewear to go under my wedding dress. I opted not to wear a tight, corseted-style dress, and instead went with a loose-fitting empire waist a-line gown.  I wanted something underneath that was also comfortable since I was going to be in the darn thing all day. Read More

Let’s Talk About Jeans, Baby

Best Jeans for Apple Shaped Women, Part 1

Jeans. We all own them and we all wear them. Jeans are the universal casual pants, but they’ve become more than that. There are SO many different styles, cuts, and fabrics for jeans, it can be a bit perplexing to know what goes into a good pair of jeans if you have an apple shape. Or even what counts as “jeans”!

My goal is that you will will be less perplexed after this article, and confident in shopping for the most flattering jeans for apple shaped women.

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Best Dress for Plus-Sized Apple Shaped Women – Igigi Alex Dress Review

Dear Plus-Sized Apples:

This is my favorite dress. This is the dress that every full-figured apple should have hanging standby in her closet as the go-to for last minute dates, nights out, or parties. Why? It has most of the qualities we’re looking for in one dress: in short, it flatters the apple body shape. Read More