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Apples, I’d like to introduce you to your new friends.

Shawls, ponchos, shrugs, vests, pullovers, dusters, cardigans, and long cardigans, meet the Apples.

You all are going to get along very well. You might even be BFFs for life.

In this article, you’ll learn sweaters are SO MUCH MORE than cute cold weather outfits.

Apples look great in layers.
Power-sweater Apple
Appleteeni: pretty in pink

Sweaters (by this, I specifically mean shawls, ponchos, vests, pullovers, dusters, cardigans, and long cardigans) are everyday layers suitable to wear in the indoors and won’t keep us roasting for the sake of a fashion statement. Layers are a crucial part of any outfit for an apple shaped figure.


So, what do layers do? Layers give us more coverage and visual lines away from our tummies, but more importantly, they give us a chance to make a stylish statement.

This blog will go into more detail about each specific type of outer layer, in the posts to come. Yes, I really can go on and on about vests or ponchos in individual posts – you’ll see! But this post is simply an introduction to the concept of layering, why it’s a good idea, and why apple shaped women need to do it on a regular basis.

What Does Layering Do For Us?
A no-blues Apple
Urban safari Apple

Layers give us additional elements to build our outfits. It’s like having more ingredients for a dish in the kitchen. Sometimes, it’s the final touch of basil chiffonade or that fresh ground pepper on top that makes the difference for our dishes. Think of sweaters (and shawls, ponchos, vests, pullovers, dusters, cardigans, and long cardigans) like that. The finishing touch.

Better yet, layers offer even more chance for self-expression in our personal fashion. That sweater (ors shawl, poncho, vest, pullover, duster, cardigan, and long cardigan) will add character to and dress up whatever you’re wearing underneath.

Most of the examples I’ve included in this post are paired with plain, unpatterned pants and camis or tank tops. These are all BORING, run of the mill staple clothing items that we all have in our closets. As you can see, the outer layer – the SWEATER-  is what makes the outfit come alive.

And, to take a little detour, isn’t self-expression what this fashion thing is about? Self-expression goes hand-in-hand with looking good: when we’re confident in what we wear, and when we like the message it sends, we look amazing.

More is More

I’m going to keep saying it: you need sweaters, shawls, ponchos, vests, pullovers, dusters, cardigans, and long cardigans.

Go look in your closet. Do you have any? Do you have one or two? Time to get busy.

When we have several pieces for layering our arsenal, our options for fashion multiply exponentially. We have so many more outfits.

And, with them, paradoxically we can do more with less when we add another dimension – that one critical outer layer – to our top half.

Change your Thinking

For apples, it’s important to reprogram our assumptions when we think of what it means to get dressed in the morning. It’s not just “shirt, pants, shoes, and go”, now, or even “shirt, skirt, stockings, and go” now. It’s those things plus A LAYER.

Adding a vest, or a sweater or a duster gives us many options mix-and-match and reconfigure our outfits for different occasions and moods. It also gives us more personality!

*Budget Shopping Tip*

I live in reality. And in reality, dollars matter.

For those who can’t afford to replace our entire wardrobes each season (ie, most women), investing in a few good pieces for layering will breathe new life into your existing wardrobe.

For students, stay at home moms, people between jobs, or just people on a budget for any reason: focus on purchasing just a few new pieces of outer layering. This is great way to get mileage out of your existing wardrobe as well as rock the sexy apple style. And, it’s a way to make you feel like your outfits are new, when really only one piece is. Make sure to pick clothes your apple shape will love.

One way to get great sweaters, vets, ponchos, etc is to shop for them off season. This means in spring, go hunt through the clearance rack for all those great winter sweaters that are half-off. And in summer, raid the store for those gorgeous lightweight spring vests and dusters. There’s a method to madness, always!

The internet makes everything easier, of course. Using my natural shopping superpowers, I’ve handpicked three budget suggestions for someone on a shoestring.

Notice how each outer layer conveys a totally different feel but could go over the same shirt and jeans.

10.99 on Amazon
15.57 on Amazon
18.99 on Amazon








Please pass on your thoughts, questions, or ideas about sweaters and layering! Or just ramble about your favorite sweater, shawl, poncho, vest, pullover, duster, cardigan, or long cardigan – that’s ok too 🙂

I look forward to your feedback.

Best wishes,


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  1. Love these kinds of clothes, too! Where is the necklace featured in the middle photo from? Just gorgeous! I love that whole look, very western-meets-city-chic. Great style, for sure. I like the way that you have put these outfits together, and well as the name of your website. Please let me know if you know where the necklace is from. Thanks!

    1. Hi Lauren, thank you for the feedback! I’m glad you like the outfits. I’m pulling them from a great website that has preconfigured outfits for body shape, and more than 1100 apple-specific outfits. You can literally sort their entire inventory this way. because this is nothing short of miraculous, I wrote more about them here. And you can check them out here.

      If you click the picture of the outfit with the necklace that you liked, it will take you straight to its page on their website.

  2. Loved the clothes. I am a great fan of layer dressing and I do love the draping style of these clothes. The prices are pretty great too. You are right, the outer garment really makes the outfit and it does make it easy to dress up things that you have had for a long time and make it look fresh and new again.

    1. I’m glad you liked the idea of draping and the example outfits (and definitely the prices!)! Thanks for the feedback 🙂

  3. Oh, I do love your style, it’s right up my street 🙂

    In particular love the cardigan and such an amazing price from Amazon.

    I’m all about layering, you are spot on, definitely gives a more glam look too. Loving that necklace, where is it from?

    Your style range will suit all ages and very well thought out and put together.

    Guess I had better get started at choosing my pieces 🙂

    1. HI June, thanks so much for the nice comment and feedback! I’m hopeful that my posts will help people pick great clothes on a budget, thanks for sharing your confidence.

      That necklace is from Birds Nest, it’s a real eye-catcher isn’t it? If you click the image it should take you to the website. take care,


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