Ultimate Guide to Lingerie for Apple Shapes

cheesecakeWe are never so exposed as when we’re in lingerie. Well, except for when we’re in a swimsuit!

Luckily, many of the same principles we apple shapes can use to find a good swimsuit can ALSO help us find good lingerie. Use this guide to find lingerie that flatters your apple shaped figure.

There are soooo many different types of lingerie – it can be a bit dizzying to know where to start. Plus, there are so many accessories that go with lingerie – garters, garter belts, every type of stocking and thigh-high, gloves, fingerless gloves, hats…it can be totally overwhelming.

Good news for apple shapes:  run-of-the-mill, mainstream, readily available styles of lingerie are indeed among the most flattering for us! These include the halter teddy, slip teddy, and baby-doll teddy.

Let’s look at some examples, shall we?  Don’t worry, I won’t include any lingerie examples that include nudity or pornography – it’s all workplace safe.

As always, if you like any of my suggestions, click the image to learn more. I didn’t pull in zillion dollar examples, most of these pieces are in the $10-$20 range.

Halter teddy

halter teddy

As you can see, this has a halter top with neckline embellishments, and an asymmetrical hem flaring out from the loose empire waist.

This particular teddy will flatter slim to plus-sized apples by drawing attention up to the bust and shoulders, and then down toward the thighs and legs.

Slip Teddy

Remember slips? My grandmother ALWAYS wore one under her dresses. These days, it’s rare to find anyone who does, aside from the occasional shapewear slip.

The slip teddy is exactly that: a teddy shaped like a slip, usually opaque, and lacking a fitted bra. Take a look.

slip teddy

This style of lingerie is VERY comfortable because of the lack of underwire and other support-providing mechanisms.

This particular example is great for apples because of the embellishment at the bust and again at the bottom hem – drawing the eyes up to the neck and shoulders, and then down toward the legs.

Babydoll Teddy

A babydoll teddy is generally made of lace or sheer material, with a structured bust (often both underwire and padding), and a flared dress and skirt.

There are usually bows, broaches, and other ornamental touches.

Here are two examples. This is probably the most “recognizable” kind of lingerie. Women wearing babydoll teddies always remind of me of presents wrapped up in wrapping paper.

grey babydoll

This example has some of the same features of the slip teddy described above, but more structure under and beside the bust, including underwire.

There are also more lace embellishments on the bust and sleeves, as well as the hem.

Additionally, the dress body flares out more from a babydoll style teddy than a slip teddy.

The material is semi-sheer, striking a balance between “provocative” and coverage, which is essentially why we wear lingerie at all rather than just our birthday suits.

This particular example would be quite flattering on apple shaped bodies of all sizes.

babydoll2The next example is *actually* called the “velvet kitten”. Lingerie clothing names can be hilarious.

As you can see, this has a structured bust with padding and underwire, string sleeves with bows, and a sheer patterned skirt with a flared hem.

Apple shaped women will benefit from this style because of the attention it draws to the bust and legs, and the camouflage effect the patterned material has over the tummy (even though the material is sheer, it overrides your existing belly texture).

Babydolls are probably the “easiest” kind of lingerie to find and wear, when you’re in a hurry and want to amp up your own personal ooolala.

Long Gowns

We apple shapes also look smokin’ in long gown lingerie. The length slims us and provides a new visual line, and all of the attention goes to our bust and upper body. Here’s an example.

long gown lingerie

The long gown lingerie is super fun because of the paradox of being covered and yet not covered.

For those of us who might be shy about our legs or just adopt a less-is-more philosophy when it comes to our own sex appeal, a long gown, especially when sheer or partially sheer as the above example, can strike the perfect balance.

Other fun things to try:

Teddies with shoulder cut-outs

shoulder cutout lingerie

Shoulder cut-outs draw even more attention to our upper bodies, driving the visual narrative all the way up.

The Romper

A romper is the lingerie counterpart to the onesie jumpsuit. They can be super cute and comfortable, and can be quite flattering for apple-teenies and average sized apple shapes.

Plus-sizes, watch out for ones with waistlines that are too fitted or shorts that are too tight – those will work against our goal and if there’s anytime you need to be comfortable in your own skin, it’s when you’re in lingerie!

lingerie romper


Lingerie is an opportunity to play dress-up, something we all did as kids but most of us stopped as adults. And what else completes the perfect costume but some ridiculous, pretty, feminine gloves?

Lucky for us, sexy gloves also help apple shaped figures re-write the narrative and draw attention to our upper body, arms and hands. If you’ve never tried these, you really should. You’ll be shocked at how feminine they look and feel.

lacegloveslacy gloves tie up gloves


Anything to avoid?

This is personal, and obviously doesn’t apply to everyone – so take it with a grain of salt!

However, for most of us, it’s a good idea to avoid catsuits and body stockings. Those don’t do apple shaped figures any favors. Same for anything “latex”.  And I can’t think of many examples where a garter belt would be flattering, since it draws attention exactly to the midsection.

Any thoughts on lingerie for apple shapes? Did I miss anything? I’d love to hear more about what you like or dislike about it, or even more about your favorite pieces. Looking forward to your comments.


PS – Because I’m a Pinterest addict, I’ve created a board JUST for lingerie for apple shapes. Take a look, poke around, and enjoy (ps: I update Pinterest almost every day, so definitely follow me there!)

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  1. Sometimes it’s difficult to see sites that advertise lingeries for different body shapes. This is not only great… but inspiring as well. Thank for sharing and throwing in more insight.


  2. I like the teddys the most because that style really draws away from my unflattering parts and onto the better parts such as my breast and shoulders. I also like that the material is sheer so you can almost see but it’s covered so you can also imagine what is underneath.
    I don’t like the idea of gloves. They seem a bit too much. I personally don’t find them sexy at all but that’s just me. Are they mostly laced gloves available?

    1. Thanks for the comment, Dinh! Teddies definitely do that for most of us which is one reason they’re so pretty and suggestive. There are also satin and silk gloves if you don’t like lace! It’s definitely not a one-style-for-everyone world, so maybe something like that would be more your taste!

  3. I like the long gowns the best because they flow. It hides body part that need work. Lingerie is a very sexy addition to your closet. I am a big fan of the two piece lingerie that is very similar to the baby doll one. I don’t see it as much. I love this posts. Thank you Penny.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the article! The long gowns are really pretty, for sure. And I think I know what you mean, the tank tops with the silk shorts, those are nice too!

  4. Great common sense approach to finding apple figured lingerie. When you stated that “run-of-the-mill, mainstream, readily available styles of lingerie” can be found, it made me want to keep on reading. I really was drawn to the halter teddy. That empire waist really works for me and the halter. Gotta love the gloves too. Wondering about specific pricing.

    1. Glad you liked the article! Most of the items I posted are between $10-$20, and if you click the pictures it will send you straight to their listing. I may update the page to include prices, you’re so right that would help readers.

  5. Thanks for this article! Lingerie shopping can be so stressful sometimes and make you very self conscious. I really like the red romper and the halter teddy. I guess I really like pieces that emphasize my cleavage. I don’t really like long gowns as I think I might trip and fall which will end up killing the mood. :/

    The gloves are nice and I actually do own a pair which I forgot about. I think it’s time to take them out again! Thanks for the reminder

    I think most people look good in stockings as long as you wear high heels though. There’s something about high heels that just makes your whole body look slimmer and better.

    1. great point about the heels! I’m not a big fan of wearing them for long stretches but with lingerie they can really add something special. Ha, and I hadn’t thought about the possibility of tripping on the long gowns- that’s what comments are for! Very important to get the right length (and not floor length, probably). thanks for the feedback!

  6. Thank you for your helpful tips and insights. I love the long gown. It looks so shimmering and graceful.
    I totally agree with your tip to stay away from latex. They may be comfy but not always flattering.

  7. I don’t know why they call it the “Velvet kitten” but that seems to be my favorite! I have to admit that I don’t give too much thought to lingerie, I thinkn it’s time to “upgrade” my nightly attire.

    Just as with clothes, it’s true that not every shape can wear every style lingerie. I especially like the long gowns; being somewhat conservative I want something thay looks appealing without being too exposed.

    You are the “apple” of our eye, Penelope!

  8. I really like the idea of shopping for our body types. Quite often we buy something and have to return them, because it may look good on someone else, but not on us. I absolutely love the halter teddy.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for the comment! I agree, we’ve gotta work with what we got, and that’s why it’s exciting that there are so many options out there for apple shapes 🙂

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