Voluptuous Apples

The voluptuous apple is perhaps the most recognizable of all. She is extremely full-figured, and ample around the middle. In many cases, the midsection is the widest area of her body, wider than her shoulders, bust, or hips.

Rebel Without a Flaw

…Um, not so much, because look how unflattering the lower half of this outfit is. It’s far too tight for her distinct apple shape. Sorry, Rebel Wilson, love you anyway!

<– The Rockstar of All Rockstars

Gabourey Sidibe, AKA, the apple we all know and worship, because she’s amazing. She put us apples on the map! If you haven’t seen Precious yet, drop everything and watch it. After that, get caught up on Empire because she has a RACY sex scene!


And this would be Tess Holiday, plus-sized fashion model. She’s an apple-hourglass hybrid, but deserves mention here for her bold and seductive sense of style. Tess is an astonishingly beautiful woman who has done much to bring plus-sized modeling into the mainstream.


Next, Chrissy Metz, actress from This Is Us. She has an amazing, awesome, TOTALLY worth reading body-positive interview and pinup-themed sexy photoshoot in the March 2017 volume of Harper’s Baazar – check it out!




Not every Plus-Sized celebrity is an apple

Oprah is NOT an Apple

Oprah is a classic hourglass, with equal shoulders and hips and a very defined waist. While in periods of weight gain, she sometimes dresses in apple-appropriate clothes, even then we can always see Oprah’s well-defined waist.

Adele is NOT an Apple

While it’s true that Adele often dresses with tips straight out of the apple playbook, esp during weight fluctuations or pregnancy or post-pregnancy, she’s technically an hourglass, because her waist is always clearly defined.

Know any other plus-sized celebrities who are apples or consistently misclassified as apples? Leave a comment on our blog and let us know!